When trying to build a home...

when is the good time?
what are the points to choose land and a construction company?
you must have a lot to think about.

In this article, we explain the knowledge of creating homes from the standpoint of ‘ Veda*1 ’.

○ The important point

In creating homes, the most important point is ―
to follow your pure consciousness = intuition(which is right)and gain support of nature!
The reason is because it can be imagined that right decision is made from intuition.

Intuition(pure consciousness)is inside of us.
Veda(pure knowledge)is the law of the universe that ancient wise men(Rishi)gained insight from an outstanding level of consciousness.
From pure consciousness, we will be led by Veda to understand its profound knowledge.

Most probably, various surface conditions exist, but please do not be misled by the pretense conditions, and approach with purity.

The factors that cloud intuition

Even though you have a lot of realistic knowledge, by lack of purity = weak intuition, you may misjudge and fail.

“To compare” is one element that intuition goes wrong.
For example, men tend to be too realistic and emphasize prices(loans), discounts, commuting conditions, etc.
Women have a strong tendency to put up a front and tend to care about surface such as a hierarchy society called “mom caste*2” in Japan and be affected by feelings.
In common, it can be said that both make decisions only by social conditions in many cases.
For example, we hear many people bought homes at the last minute, just before the deadline for incentives such as housing loan tax cuts.

Veda(pure knowledge)says that the way of each country, organization and individual has its own season in accordance with Natural Law and also there is a right time to create a home.
Regarding social conditions based on national economic measures etc., some comply with Natural Law due to intuition(pure consciousness)of the leader at the time, but others don't.
Therefore, it is necessary to carefully examine social conditions due to the circumstances of the country.
We should not be deceived by society's pretenses surrounding the outside, but in accordance with Natural Law of the whole(nations, organizations and so on)and individuals, be intuitive and make well-balanced decision.

We have only one individuality in this universe, and each one is the only one.
We should value our intuition(pure consciousness)and act so that we can gain support of nature in accordance with each life = true nature's rhythm.

○ Desirable conditions

The environment is very important in creating homes.
Let us explain our examination of realistic conditions suitable for people to live comfortably when looking for land from now on.

Suitable conditions

We can imagine that the environment suitable for people to live comfortably is the environment that everyone feels comfortable ―
the land is flat and spacious with a lot of greenery and fresh air, and the healing environment.
In order to enjoy the blessings of the sun, it is important to take sunlight into account, especially to effectively let in the morning sunshine.
Also, it is an important factor to be able to rest without stress at night.
In this way, it would be desirable to have an environment in which all of the family can dream of living brightly.

Conditions requiring attention

Natural environment
Natural disasters occur frequently in recent years, and a lot of damage has been caused.
We require attention to places having high risk of natural disasters including flood damage near rivers, landslides at the foot of mountains and cliffs, eruptions in volcanoes, tsunami in the sea and water flooding where the sea level is low and the drainage is bad regarding location in the natural environment.

Artificial environment
If there is a nuclear facility in the living area, safety can be threatened.
From the electromagnetic wave problem, it is preferable that there should be no power plant, substation, or transmission line nearby.
You should also avoid reclaimed lands and soils that could be liquefied.
Factory areas and downtown areas are not considered appropriate.

Although it may be conditionally difficult in the metropolitan area, ingenuity and consideration are necessary under the condition.
Of course, ingenuity and consideration are desired in any place.

To be continued ~