Veda) Kookan Healing arts of HIMALAYAHOUSE are born focusing single-minded on establishment of VAASTU, touching Vedic knowledge, and ultimately providing all the pure knowledge.
We devote ourselves to providing essence of pure intellect.

Art) HIMALAYAHOUSE conceptually uses ‘Art’ as the word to express techniques(arts)and knowledge(science).
Kookan Healing Arts can be understood as the established system by culmination of Veda, which aims at activating environments and consciousness.
This can be taken as the general term of VAASTU systems = Environmental Rebirth.
In Kookan Healing, we provide Arts because our sole purpose is to provide ‘all the knowledge & its information’ .
With the specialty, you will have image that it will lead you to the mystical realization as the embodiment in the field of art.
We are very happy for you to use Kookan Healing.