VAASTU(VASTU) is a branch of the ancient Indian profound knowledge Veda, relating to environmental architecture, environmental yoga, and design of living space and city planning. In a broad sense, it also has the meaning of life energy and life itself. Formally, it is followed by Shastra meaning theory and science and called VAASTU SHASTRA. Generally, it is regarded as Indian Feng shui.

We create environments by VAASTU as ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ design and coordination of HIMALAYAHOUSE®.
As part of this, we will offer and provide VAASTU as our highest level of Vedic knowledge and information bearing the brand name Ω®.
It seems that usual Feng shui service only offers the environmental knowledge about floor plans, city planning and so on. On the other hand, HIMALAYAHOUSE considers all the creations including our consciousness and bodies as environments in a broad sense and works on VAASTU for aiming at enhancement of life energy and expansion of consciousness.
Therefore, knowledge of all Vedas* such as the science of life Ayurveda and Indian astrology Jyotish are essential.

In India, there are Vedic technologies called homa and yagya which bring happiness to people.
Moreover, we understand that VAASTU of HIMALAYAHOUSE can also be the embodiment of the mystical technologies.
Above all, we consider that providing the knowledge and information by ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ Art HOMAPANEL® is the one and only environmental creative design in the present day, aiming at the remarkable activation of the environment.
We would like you to experience Veda = VAASTU of HIMALAYAHOUSE.

*all Vedas
HIMALAYAHOUSE understands that all Vedas are ultimately unified. Therefore, we generically refer to various Vedas, all yoga(knowledge)= unified science as VAASTU on the basis of the sublime doctrine of unity in diversity.
We consider that VAASTU means all Vedas = knowledge to design and coordinate consciousness and environment leading us to evolve(ultimately unify).
We aim at establishing VAASTU as unified science for evolution by ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ of HIMALAYAHOUSE Environmental Rebirth ー transition to a better environment.