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HOMAPANEL is the core of ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ of HIMALAYAHOUSE® and the supreme Art(technology and art)we can propose.

HOMAPANEL is the very Vedic knowledge, and you can feel that the excellent design of Art by mystical realization creates the condensed wisdom, the purity of Veda and even the new originality.
By looking at and decorating Art, from awakening of environments to efficacy like yoga and Qigong can be aimed.
Moreover, it can be relaxation and like therapy for environment and consciousness.

We believe that HOMAPANEL is the easiest way to be the system of establishing VAASTU(VASTU)*1.
Note: Above Art is a reference image.

Next, we would like to explain homa from which HOMAPANEL derives.

Homa is a technology of pure knowledge, Veda*2 originated in ancient India.
Yagya is also a technology of Veda.

Pandits who are the wise that are in contract with Gods, and priests perform Vedic chanting as sacred rituals to activate and recover Natural Law*3(principle), and contribute to increasing purity not only in human beings but also in the entire universe.
Generally, they are known as the methods to promote good fortune in Indian astrology Jyotish*4, and Pandits who can perform homa and yagya have initiated the mystical technologies(Vedic pure sound and knowledge)only to the clans of their family lines generation after generation for over 5000 years as special families selected by principle, and have earnestly preserved truth.
(They were introduced from ancient India via Tibet and China to Japan and took root as Gomataki, an act to make sacred fire for Gods and as a secret technique of Esoteric Buddhism, but it seems that the knowledge got distorted and mistaken in the traditional process in some denominations.)

We could start the process of creation of HOMAPANEL, the supreme Art of HIMALAYAHOUSE that derives from homa, hoping to activate and purify every environment including consciousness, because we understood that we were granted the privilege of permitting embodiment of homa and yagya by the Truth.

Therefore, behind the birth of such a supreme Art, HOMAPANEL is,
on the basis of the principle of Vedic scripture,
Loka(universe): four subtle ideas*5 are created from the one and only absolute(soundless)field by the play of the Creator, and the Creator embodies creations and creatures in the whole worlds. We could understand the existence of the unified Word*6 even in the diversity.
We came to have conviction beyond intuition that supreme artistic expression of also the idea the Word as the Creator's caprice ― the manifestation of Natural Law and God's nature by HIMALAYAHOUSE ― is possible through common medium.

Related to this, in Veda, we could find out that perfectly and purely playing primordial sound(the first sound of the universe), the subtlest and purest Word when sound and the universe were created, would be senses of mission and possibilities of those who express the wisdom.

HIMALAYAHOUSE positioned the sound in the more sophisticated and subtle world(field)as yagya, and the more manifested sound of each yagya in the process of reaching this material world that can be said to be gross as homa. They are ultimately one and the same since they are both ideas.(Various theories exist.)

For these reasons, ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ Art of HIMALAYAHOUSE originated from homa that can be called the greatest and ultimate technology of Veda, and was named HOMAPANEL aiming at manifesting more purity.

From here, we would like to explain the history of HOMAPANEL and our aspiration.

The initial prototype of HOMAPANEL was born in 1999.
Just like in line with the opening of a new era, we could start with successful embodiment into HOMAPANEL.
Of course, needless to say, the support of a will beyond human understanding most likely made it possible to realize.

As of now, 2018,
we have deepened our understanding that HOMAPANEL is the Art in which the pure essence of the greatest Vedic knowledge and information, and healing and relaxation(Ω®)is condensed, and we are expecting to offer more sophisticated ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ of HIMALAYAHOUSE to you.

In some Art aiming at appearance of knowledge that bears Ω, and healing, you may feel that even the field of works of art can be equal to the additional service.

For the honor of Art bearing Ω, we would like to propose Vedic knowledge and information, and healing and relaxation single-mindedly, and keep going forward earnestly and devotedly.

We hope you will enjoy the evolving VAASTU® Design Art HOMAPAMEL®*7 ― Art therapy Ω® for Environmental Rebirth*8 aiming at healing of yoga and Qigong from awareness of environment, which we can say the essence of ‘ Kūkan Healing ’.
We also hope you will understand the intention of Kūkan Healing ’ ― creating environments full of wisdom(VAASTU).

Each HOMAPANEL has its own creation theme, and HIMALAYAHOUSE VAASTU Team works on creation activities every day aiming at ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ in accordance with the theme.

Creation of environment and consciousness by Art HOMAPANEL ― applications for Ω consulting and advice are accepted at any time.
Please feel free to contact us for proposals.
We will respond in respect of your request and budget.
The price of Art in the proposal differs depending on your situation, from around 30,000 to 500,000 Japanese yen*. Therefore, please understand that the price is not uniform.
(Separately, there may be a case to suggest Qigong relaxation*.)
We also accept applications for Kūkan Healing ’ design and coordination.
We will be very happy for you to take and use ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ of HIMALAYAHOUSE.
* Above price range is that of the usual Art series according to our classification, including the cases we propose more than one HOMAPANEL. We will suggest Qigong relaxation and so on, mainly when necessary for a case in the world of consciousness.)
Note: Depending on the details of your request, we may not suggest this service.

Please see the image of very popular HOMAPANEL Durga 6 below.
Since its initial launching, it has been continuously loved and used by many customers.

HIMALAYAHOUSE Kūkan Healing Gallery/Sangen-jaya Gallery/5-38-10 Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku
Creation theme Activating the field related to Space(one of the five great elements), Indra and Jupiter
  Image of protecting and establishing intellect, space, justice and knowledge
Price JPY88,000(consumption tax included)
Reference Proposal for Durga® 6 vr.6.2 PDF(Under Construction)
HOMAPANEL® Mahabharata®
Creation theme Karma:image of offsetting bad karma that hinders your evolution and negative past deeds
Price JPY88,000(consumption tax included)
Reference Proposal for Mahabharata® vr.3.7 PDF(Under Construction)

Note:The image is partially processed.