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Bringing and Receiving
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In the previous article, we introduced the need to follow your intuition to gain support of nature, and the conditions of the land in creating homes. In this article, we would like to express our opinion about the most important condition from the point of view of HIMALAYAHOUSE®︎. We dealt with the subject that seemed to be generally considered last time.

On the other hand, the condition introduced here is not generally recognized because it is difficult to visualize. Therefore, you may be surprised at this concept. However, we hope you will read this to the end as we try to make it easy to understand with specific examples.

We told last time that it was important for everyone to be comfortable, when we thought about a suitable environment for people to live comfortably. Based on that, the environments that should be avoided as much as possible include large hospitals, prisons, and power spots(sacred power places)such as shrines, temples and religious facilities.

The Power Spot boom has been going for some years now. However, why should we avoid them? We will explain from the point of view of Kūkan Healing ’ VAASTU(VASTU)of HIMALAYAHOUSE.

The mechanism that produces Receiving from Bringing ― Consideration from Power Spot ―

In the recent Power Spot boom, do you know that the environment of power spots to which people are Bringing a lot of negativity causes Receiving to exploit the blessings of the surrounding environment?

In the mind of the general public, the desire to pray at shrines, temples and religious facilities strongly includes the meaning of asking for help on one's own inadequacy and unhappiness, in a high-stress society. Such a state relying on others can be received as a state relying on or being entrusted to Shinto and Buddhist deities for divine blessings.

Certainly, relying on God(Natural Law*1)to a certain extent can be understood because we are given life by God and have our life.
However, if this kind of state exceeds the limit, it may be to bring negativity to other environments and others.

God or Buddha to which people pay their attention is nothing less than Natural Law(environment)that governs the place.
Basically, Natural Law works to utilize and help everything. Nevertheless, it is understandable from Veda that the blessings of Natural Law are not inexhaustible as everything in the relative world has a limited capacity.

Therefore, when a certain volume is exploited, some power works in order to make up for it from others.
The above is the reason why Bringing results in Receiving.

It's a bit confusing, so let’s get clear about Bringing and Receiving again.

・Cause : Bringing
If people are Bringing too much negativity to the environment, it will exceed the capacity of the environment.
・Effect : Receiving
The environment of negativity inevitably works to attract the necessary nature(capacity)from the surrounding environment in order to restore the natural prosperity and soundness. This is the protective response of the environment, which is a phenomenon of Receiving the necessary nature from the surrounding environment.

Therefore, Bringing results in Receiving. It is presumed that the phenomenon of Bringing and Receiving occurs. Bringing and Receiving have opposite nature, which are relationships of light and shadow, yin and yang, and front and back.

In the environment of power spots, it is possible to say that the surrounding environment is exhausted and cannot restore prosperity and soundness by repeating various Bringing and Receiving.

Here, we will introduce an example of Shinto shrine that was featured in TV news and other media regarding the environment of power spots. It seems to be an example of tourism pollution. Please understand it as an event that should be considered socially, separate from Bringing and Receiving.

From a certain time, this Shinto shrine had started distributing special amulet only on the first of every month different from the usual amulet. After a while, the rumor that seemed to be divine blessings of this amulet spread by word of mouth on social media. Furthermore, they say many worshipers came to visit this Shinto shrine in order to purchase this premium amulet that was distributed only once a month.

However, while the popularity of this Shinto shrine was boosted, the environment around the Shinto shrine changed dramatically and was confused. We heard the road was heavily congested, and there was a traffic jam of 25 kilometers in April 2018. In addition, some of the worshipers left their cars on the road and went to the Shinto shrine on foot.

Moreover, it was reported that countless complaints were received from the nearby residents when insufficient parking space and transportation difficulties occurred near the Shinto shrine.
Through a series of circumstances, the Shinto shrine seems to have discontinued distribution of this amulet within about five years.

It is presumed that the benevolent act to make many people happy(the distribution of the amulet)quickly became a fad and the group mind to seek divine blessings caused great change and confusion.

Moreover, there are parts related to the knowledge of Feng shui in the nature and cityscape of Japan which is said to be the mystique of the East, and some of these environments are turned into power spots. There have been frequent reports of cases which change and confusion have arisen from people coming in their quest for such environments from all over the world.

Shouldn’t we think about Power Spot and its surrounding environment?
At the same time, we have to consider right and wrong in spreading information on social media. Some years ago, it was rare for so many people to come to visit the place only because it was in the news.

However, everyone can spread information on social media now. As a result, since the mystical power spots that had been known to special people were regarded as familiar and reachable places, many people have been visiting there. Of course, although good information also flows on social media, this case may be an aspect to consider in social media.

Environmental fatigue and its effects

So far, we have dealt with environmental fatigue caused by Bringing and Receiving. What kind of phenomenon is environmental fatigue?

Let's take a look at our body as a familiar example. Have you ever felt that your physical movement slowed down after eating too much?
Ayurveda*2 explains overeating reduces the function of Agni*3(digestion / metabolism)which is the fire of life, and ama(undigested food)is accumulated in the body by indigestion and makes the movement slow down.

It can be said that the same phenomenon occurs in the environment. Agni exists also in the environment, and digestion and metabolism can restore prosperity and soundness, which moves the environment to a more sophisticated state.

However, as in the case of eating too much, digestion and metabolism slow down in the loaded environment filled with a lot of negativity, indigestion(inertness / incompetence)is caused by it, and the environment moves slowly.
In addition, the case that the environment is exhausted and moves slowly can also be explained as the same phenomenon as a computer out of memory by eating up processing power freezes and stops working.

We are always heavily influenced by the environment. Therefore, it is thought that if we put ourselves in the slow-moving environment with fatigue and out of memory, our consciousness and physical movement which are usually moving in various ways to live, will also become sluggish and freeze.

Slowing down the movement of consciousness and body should be avoided from a Vedic perspective.
Why on earth would that be?

The reason is that it interferes with the growth of consciousness which we should play in this world.
In fact, people carry out their role(Dharma / mission)in the present life and live to grow up(evolve), although it seems that many people tend to forget it in the stressful everyday life.

Therefore, we need Time of the four subtle ideas*4 that creates this world, which involves movement and change. Time creates movement, movement creates expansion, and Space is created from expansion. Moreover, it becomes possible to evolve in Space. In other words, we cannot grow up, if Time exists there but it is stagnant and does not create expansion.

Consequently, we infer that neither the environment nor humans can move forward, that is, they cannot grow up in the exhausted environment where Time causing movement and change is stagnant.

Nowadays, as one of fashions, it is popular for many people to talk about Power Spot, transmit a lot of information about that, and visit there for divine blessings.

However, the recent Power Spot boom could be an act of exploiting the blessings of other environments for your own benefit, even if not consciously.
In contrast to creation of public natures*5 that is the goal of HIMALAYAHOUSE, it exhausts other environments, stagnates even Time to be essential for growth, and leads to disturbing Natural Law.

It is questionable whether we can enjoy true knowledge from recent popular power spots.
Appreciation and consideration for Natural Law(God)can be said to be dedicated behavior. We think maintaining dedication like that leads to a sublime world by Veda. Then it seems that we can stand on a new stage which is far beyond the current situation.
That is Environmental Rebirth*6.

Have you understood the view of HIMALAYAHOUSE which we have mentioned so far?
The following is the mechanism that causes Bringing and Receiving, from the consideration of power spots.

People are Bringing a lot of negativity to an environment.

The nature(capacity)that would originally exist to activate the environment and the surrounding environment is exploited.

The surrounding environment is also exhausted, making it difficult to restore prosperity and soundness.

The environment is slow-moving and inactive.

Time is stagnant and growth is impeded.

A series of events derived from this Bringing will be to disturb Natural Law.

Similarly, the environment of a large hospital with inpatient facilities such as a general hospital is considered to exhaust Natural Law to a certain degree in order to heal the sick and the injured.
You will be able to understand that the surrounding environment is exhausted from the same mechanism as Power Spot.

Moreover, we can say that the environment around the prison is similar to examples of Power Spot and the large hospital.
When negativity increases in the environment influenced by a high-stress society, some people get caught up in the negativity and commit a crime.

In prison, criminals are rehabilitated, and at the same time, it seems that the power to rehabilitate their negative environment and consciousness also works. You can see that the environment around the prison is exhausted as the process of rehabilitation requires the tremendous support of Natural Law.

The negative chain of environment which Bringing results in Receiving repeats. Some people may think of a negative chain as a chain of bullying.
The negative chain of bullying repeats since those who are bullied try to satisfy themselves by bullying the weaker one. However, when all people understand and carry out True winners, the weak will disappear, and a negative chain will come to an end.

From the point of view of HIMALAYAHOUSE, even if unconscious and innocent, bringing negativity to other environments(others)seeking their own satisfaction is an act of infringement on other environments(others).
Is it acceptable behavior to solve the problem at the expense of other environments because it is exhausted?

In the world, the law of karma*7 is the absolute rule of the natural world which is the law of action and reaction. People cannot escape the law no matter how much they struggle.

You should understand the law of karma. Moreover, even if your environment is exhausted, you should not try to solve it by infringing on other environments(others). We are convinced that aiming for improvement by each person's pure effort, that is, living with the other environments(others)is the right path in accordance with Natural Law ― creation of public natures ―.

Essentially, VAASTU(Indian Feng shui)is the truth of the universe that sages gained insight, and is Natural Law itself.

In contrast, we feel there is a lot of knowledge to disrupt Natural Law by abusing the knowledge focused on the short-term benefits in the knowledge dealing with the environment today without being able to understand the essence of VAASTU at the conscious level.
Therefore, it is very important to identify the truth in order to live with other environments(others)without being misled by the interests of oneself.

HIMALAYAHOUSE is creating spiritually and materially prosperous and healthy environment, Kūkan Healing ’.
Kūkan Healing ’ is the one and only Art(technology)that aims at the activation of environments without bringing negativity to other environments(others). We are very happy for you to use it.

From the point of view of Kūkan Healing ’ VAASTU of HIMALAYAHOUSE, in creating homes, these are the reasons to be especially noted that the environments near large hospitals, prisons, and power spots such as shrines, temples and religious facilities tend to be exhausted and negative.

Nevertheless, we don’t think negatively about Power Spot tour in this article. We introduced this as a subject we need to think together, hoping to appreciate nature(environment), and give balanced consideration to other environments and others. We would be glad if you could understand the above.
Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

To be continued ~

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