HIMALAYAHOUSE® creates the environment based on VAASTU, a branch of Veda, the wisdom of ancient India, through ‘ Kūkan Healing ’.
We are promoting the installation of an altar using Kūkan Healing ’ Art, HOMAPANEL® as a part of the total coordination of consciousness and environment which pursues comfort and aims for improvement, in everything that you touch.

In India, altars are set up in every home, office and everywhere in town, which pervade the lives of people as the most pure and sacred spaces. They say that puja(worship)is practiced on a daily basis, enshrining the images and statues of saints and Hindu gods such as Shiva, Vishnu and Ganesh on them.
Since ancient times, puja is believed to maintain harmony with the power of the universe (Natural Law) and fill the environment with positive energy.
HIMALAYAHOUSE also understands that altars are sacred spaces ― places where the life of the environment exists.

A core is planned in the center of all constructions such as towns, houses and offices at the design stage according to VAASTU, architecture of consciousness and environment.
For example, a lush green park in the heart of a residential area, a beautiful tower in the center of a park, a courtyard of a house or office, and a well-lit atrium in the center of a house. It is ideal that the core is a sacred and symbolic space.

The core is a very important space in the architectural design of VAASTU which increases positive influence and brings good luck by perfectly harmonizing the living environment with Natural Law(the structure and function of the universe).
It is said that each building or room is connected to the whole together with the enlivenment of Natural Law due to the presence of the core, and harmony and prosperity are brought to you. It is also regarded as a place where wholeness is revealed and established.
However, it is not generally located in existing townscape and buildings, and rebuilding and renovation are difficult.

Therefore, it is necessary to devise an alternative to the core.

Altars of HIMALAYAHOUSE were born out of constant exploration for representing the core of VAASTU.
In order to spread the blessings of Natural Law from the corner of the room throughout the building and lead to better activation of the environment, we will select items according to the nature and condition of each building and room and create one and only altar.

The composition of the altar is basically 1) + 2).

1) The most important items
VAASTU® Graphics
Kūkan Healing ’ Art, HOMAPANEL®

2) Required items
A platform for arranging HOMAPANEL®
shelf, wall shelf, cabinet, stool, etc.

3) Items that are added as needed
interior accessories and decor, etc.

On Altars of HIMALAYAHOUSE, the most important items that are indispensable are Kūkan Healing ’ Art, HOMAPANEL® which are beautiful yantras that represent the knowledge of Veda as Art.
They were created with the intent of creating the simplest system for establishing VAASTU.
By looking at and placing them, you can aim for the awakening of consciousness and environment and also effects like yoga and Qigong. Each Art has its own Art theme(field aiming for activation and improvement), and the lineup includes more than 80 types.

We select a platform for arranging HOMAPANEL® from a wide variety of shapes and materials including stand type or wall mount type.
We also use new ones, but nowadays we have more opportunities to use vintage items.
○ Plastic furniture by genius designers of the Mid-century
○ Wooden furniture created by the craftsmanship of the good old days

In addition to HOMAPANEL and a platform, we also select small decorations as needed.
Even a single thing would probably be the last piece to create the whole environment and lead to accomplishment.

Pursue comfort and improve, in everything that you touch.

Altars of HIMALAYAHOUSE® aim to achieve VAASTU through ‘ Kūkan Healing ’.

Postscript: I did not know the existence of Altars by Robin & Michael Mastro until creating this page. I heard that the couple came up with the idea of installing an altar as a microcosm of VAASTU, inspired by altars everywhere in India, from the idea that everyone can easily practice VAASTU.
I was deeply moved that we reached the same place when we earnestly explored VAASTU hoping the whole society would be a prosperous and healthy environment.

Yantra ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ Art, HOMAPANEL


Altar Vintage stool

HIMALAYAHOUSE VAASTU interior design and coordination/Altar

Altar Modular shelf(one piece)

HIMALAYAHOUSE VAASTU interior design and coordination/Altar

Altar Vintage bookshelf

HIMALAYAHOUSE VAASTU interior design and coordination/Vintage lighting

Altar Antique furniture

HIMALAYAHOUSE VAASTU interior design and coordination/Altar