Experiences about ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ design and coordination

My parents have been using Art of HIMALAYAHOUSE for many years. Therefore, our rooms have been decorated with a lot of HOMAPANEL since I was little.
In this environment, I asked for total coordination of the rooms by ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ this time.

I was taught that it was desirable to balance various nature in Oriental Medicine(Ayurveda)when coordinating.
In addition, I was told that putting a single thing such as a chair, an interior accessory or a lighting could make a big difference in the environment because all things had various nature.
Moreover, I was explained that the inherent nature of things also affected the chakras and auras in the human body. Chakra and aura were words that I had read feature articles on yoga in magazines. I wonder if it is like an atmosphere.

I hear that people and land have their own nature of yin and yang. For example, it can happen that nature of yin becomes stronger when negative people live in a land with too much yin nature.
The nature of yin inherently brings relaxation. However, it seems that too much yin brings lethargy or mental illness.
On the other hand, the nature of yang is energetic and active. But if it is too much, you will work on no sleep, which leads to a risk of overwork.
Although the nature of yin and yang is both necessary, it is most important to be balanced.

Based on that, this ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ design and coordination achieved a balance in people, land and things by putting things in the rooms.
I heard that a technology called VAASTU was being used. Besides, Amazon and Boeing seemed to incorporate it into part of design, so it was exciting.
Finally, the total coordination of the rooms was complete!
The atmosphere has changed dramatically before and after the coordination.

I thought that it would be cumbersome when I started to clean the rooms before. But now it's fun to clean the rooms, so I can organize and clean them spontaneously.
In addition, turning on the chosen lamp calms me down and makes me feel at ease. When I'm frustrated, I can relax by turning on the lamp. So, I really like it.
It was informed that the lamp balanced the nature of the Moon. Looking at Keywords for the planets, the Moon denoted mind, emotions and gentleness. It was true! I was impressed.
I was surprised that a balanced space was able to create such a stress-free life, and I really felt that I was greatly influenced by the surrounding environment.

I was really fortunate to get ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ design and coordination this time.
Thank you so much.

The impressions and experiences above are based solely on subjective opinion.
Please understand that it does not apply to everyone. On that basis, we hope you find it useful.