In a broad sense, yagya means devotion to purity, and HIMALAYAHOUSE understands it as an activity in conformity with nature. The words of sages and religious scriptures describe it is good action and dedication.
Yagya as a technique is recitation of pure knowledge Veda to enliven and restore the laws of nature*1 (reason, principle)and contributes to the improvement of the purity not only in human beings but also in the entire universe.

Yagya is held as a sacred ritual by pandits(priests, sages)who have a contract with the gods, and the pure sound and knowledge have been handed down only to their family lines from generation to generation for over 5000 years and protected by them.
Generally, it is known as the method to promote good fortune in Indian astrology Jyotish*2.

It was introduced from ancient India via Tibet and China to Japan and took root as Gomataki(fire ritual). However, in some denominations, it seems that the pure sound which is the knowledge was distorted and mistaken in the process of transmission.

Yagya is an absolute technique, and we understand that it manifests Sidhi = perfection.
HIMALAYAHOUSE aims to achieve its perfection through the one and only Kūkan Healing ’ Art(technology, art).
In particular, Kūkan Healing ’ & Ω®︎ Consulting is the most prominent technology aiming for the same effect as yagya.

When you really want to improve things,
please make use of the technology of HIMALAYAHOUSE, which can be compared to Sidhi, Yagya and Homa.

*1 laws of nature/Natural Law
The various laws that govern all of the natural world, life and macrocosm. The universal order (gods) themselves.
Human beings are also part of the macrocosm and governed by the laws of nature.

*2 Indian astrology Jyotish
Jyotish is ancient Indian astrology which is a branch of Vedas.
It is thought that we are always influenced by the planets in the solar system. Jyotish is the knowledge(science)to predict events that will happen in individual life, organizations and nations mathematically on the basis of the positions and movements of nine planets - the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the two points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon known as Rahu and Ketu.

Accurate diagnostic technique based on the wisdom has made it possible to express the profound relationship between humans and the universe very well.
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra is considered to be the classic scripture written by the great sage Parashara who is called the father of Indian astrology.

Jyotish has been handed down for over 5000 years as the science of light that illuminates all aspects of life, which has been our guide.