Environmental Rebirth

Generally, rebirth means reincarnation.
According to Veda, the body is a vehicle(vessel)where the soul lives. An active state is life and a dormant state is death.
Then, it means the succession that the soul is born again in another body after the body dies.
The growth of consciousness(spiritual evolution)can be done by accumulating virtue.

In the meantime, we would like to explain the Environmental Rebirth(= environmental evolution)that HIMALAYAHOUSE®︎ says.

Environmental Rebirth(= environmental evolution)is intended to be transition to a better environment by increasing the support of nature, such as the nature and knowledge of all the gods that exist.
Even though the scenes you have seen in your life look the same, the changes that improve luck and increase happiness occur in small steps.

We can understand that these changes start from self(I)and eventually spread to the whole(public). The power of collective consciousness(large steps)can create the best order for society as a whole, and coexist and live together without negativity there.
This is public natures.

The perspective of the world is Environmental Rebirth.

True winners will exist there.
There is the world without discrimination as a social problem.

HIMALAYAHOUSE engages in social contribution activities to make Environmental Rebirth through ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ ― Creation of environments based on VAASTU.