Veda means knowledge in Sanskrit, and widely includes meaning of science.
Generally, it seems that Veda indicates the oldest Indian religious literature in many cases, but it originally expresses the fundamental intelligence of the universe and is systematized as Indian philosophy(as you may know, six schools of classical Indian philosophy are especially well-known).

Philosophy may be difficult, but it is a wisdom that is closely related to our daily lives and can guide us to enhance our creativity and lead a better life.

The wisdom is also taught and studied in Indian philosophy departments and research laboratories at Japanese universities, and since about 1990s, a lot of women's magazines have featured Ayurveda as information related to health and beauty, and Jyotish as Indian astrology(horoscope), and they became widely well-known.

As for Vedic environmental architecture VAASTU(VASTU / Indian Feng shui), some websites say that first class companies in America such as Microsoft, Amazon and Boeing incorporated VAASTU into part of design in some corporate buildings, and that the Indian subsidiary of a leading automaker Suzuki has been improving corporate performance and continues advancing probably because it adopted VAASTU to solve the factory problems.
(We haven't seen the official information of each company, and it is not known whether it is true or not.)

Furthermore, some articles say that the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has introduced VAASTU in its curriculum since August 2017.

All the HIMALAYAHOUSE brands and the creation activities of HIMALAYAHOUSE appear from the blessing of the pure intelligence Veda.

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VAASTU(Indian Feng shui)2

VAASTU(Indian Feng shui)2
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