Environment ― Let's understand the environment by the Vedic knowledge ―

Environmental design

We think we are too ignorant of the environment.
Here, we would like to talk about the environment and space that HIMALAYAHOUSE® means.


HIMALAYAHOUSE understands that everything in the world is the environment.

In society, it is common to consider the surrounding living space(range)as the environment.
Although there are individual differences in living spaces, we think that we are aware of the physically limited external space as the environment, regardless of its size.

However, we learned that all matters and things, all creatures*1 are the environment from Veda*2. The content is as follows.

This world lies in the fluctuation of pure intelligence and consciousness which is the origin of all things ― the heart of creation which is the source of the world. The subtle ideas*3 derived from the fluctuation eventually makes up the material substance(world). The whole process of reaching the material substance from the fluctuation has Time, Space, the subtle Atom and the Word, including the consciousness of a person whose memory pulses and bodies*4.

Things derived from the fluctuation which is the play of the Creator.

Everything that exists is the environment

Even memory and ideas..
Everything can be said to be the environment.

Moreover, the environment attracts endless possibilities while constantly changing the dynamic elements and shapes. In that world, we exist in coexistence and live in order to ultimately become one. Each of us is carrying out a mission*5 for the purpose of unity.

HIMALAYAHOUSE brings ' Kūkan Healing ' to everything by the environment creation of VAASTU*6 which is the architecture of consciousness and environment, and supports your mission.
We will do our best to develop Environmental Rebirth*7 bearing the brand name Ω®.

Environment is..