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Environmental design

Do you know that VAASTU(VASTU), the technology based on pure knowledge, becomes increasingly popular for restoring Natural Law in the design of the living environment created by humans?

VAASTU also known as Indian Feng shui means environmental architecture which is a branch of the profound knowledge Veda*1 originating in ancient India.

By harmonizing the living environment with Natural Law, the principle that the environment supports your life was found in the relationship between nature and the artificial environment.

Many people may not imagine that the improper designs of the living environment such as homes, offices or cities by wrong knowledge have produced negative effects such as ill-health, misfortune, and so on.

On the other hand, VAASTU is said to generate positive and evolutionary influence, and bring good luck.

In modern times, the knowledge of VAASTU has been rediscovered, and the techniques are increasingly incorporated in the architecture.


VAASTU(Wastu)means a pure field(area), sacred boundary and Vedic environmental architecture. In general, we consider that it is Indian Feng shui.
We also consider that it is the yoga of architecture(=unified science)from the action.

VAASTU, also called as sthapaty meaning to build in Sanskrit, is a branch of Veda which is the pure knowledge originating in ancient India.
Veda is the constitution of the universe that ancient wise men(Rishis)gained insight from the deep level of consciousness. 

VAASTU is said to be the oldest complete knowledge system on architecture and design considering the position of the poles and the equator on the earth, and even the influence of the sun, the moon, and the planets in the universe.

VAASTU is the knowledge that you can fully enjoy the blessings of nature in complete harmony with the design of the living environment created by humans and Natural Law, in other words, the structure and function of the universe.

Living environment created by humans means creating buildings such as homes, offices and schools in a narrow sense, and creating towns and cities in a broad sense, and also creating environments, in this article.

Veda, pure knowledge on the earth originated from ancient India has spread around the world.

You can see also some reflections of VAASTU in ancient ruins such as the city of Mohenjodaro in the Indus Valley Civilization, one of the four great civilization dating back to the 25th century BC, and Angkor Wat, the temple architecture in Cambodia in the 12th century.


Angkor Wat from the air
Author: M.Imran
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Author: Charles J Sharp
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After a long period of time, the knowledge of VAASTU remained only in temple architecture and so on in India, which only intellectuals knew, and therefore the Vedic knowledge had been lost and forgotten until recent times.

However, when pure knowledge was revived by the wise and introduced to the West, it was payed attention and understood by people in the hierarchy who enhanced spiritual fulfillment, and spread widely in recent years. Then it has subsequently been reimported to India.

Moreover, the Vedic knowledge is evaluated again and becoming known around the world.
Yoga as a disciplined method and Ayurveda as the science of life are branches of Veda, which are generally recognized in Japan.

As a reference, VAASTU is considered to be incorporated in the ancient shrine and temple architecture in the history of Japan.
Most notable among them is the five-story pagoda corresponding to the principle of the five great elements[Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth]composing all beings, from the top of the tower. The origin leads to the five elements philosophy which is Buddhist cosmology.

Buddhism derived from Brahmanism originating in the Indian Vedic scriptures and, in its development, crossed over the Himalayan Mountains and spread from China to Japan via Tibet.

From the above, we can understand that Buddhist architecture which can be said to be part of the shrine and temple architecture is considerably related and originated in part of Veda, VAASTU.
Similarly, we consider that the traditional Chinese medicine which was spread from China to Japan has the origin in Ayurveda in India.

The techniques of VAASTU had remained only in Indian temples, which only intellectuals knew until recent times. However, they become increasingly popular around the West coast with many Indian immigrants in the United States now. In addition, the millionaires of the world incorporate them, which spread to the business world and ordinary people.

Some websites say that first class companies in America and Japanese overseas affiliated companies incorporated the knowledge of VAASTU(we haven't seen the official information of each company, and it is not known whether it is true or not). Furthermore, some articles say that the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur has introduced VAASTU in its curriculum since August 2017.

VAASTU(VASTU) and Natural Law

Everything in the whole universe correlates with everything else, which is perfect.

You are part of all nature and governed by Natural Law.
Great nature is considered to be the universe.

Natural Law is the set of laws of nature, or specific laws, which are the various laws managing nature, life and the universe, or are orders themselves.

It is possible to understand that the embodiment of these laws of nature is the image of God in religion and spirituality, and the concept of God.

Therefore, the principles of VAASTU connect the individual life with all nature(the universe).

It is thought that design of the living environment such as buildings and cities created by humans should be fully harmonized with Natural Law, in other words, the structure and function of the universe, and should blend in with nature.

Because the structure and function of the natural world are harmonized, unified and supported by each other.

For example, in the study of physiology, one discovery is the precise correspondence between the structure and function of human brain physiology and the structure and function of the corresponding areas of the universe.

Moreover, self-similarity is known that the whole has the same shape as one or more of the parts.
If you enlarge detail of a leaf, you will notice that it has the same shape as the whole leaf.
It is said that the micro structure of atoms which the electrons orbit around the nucleus is the same as the solar system which the planets orbit around the sun, and furthermore, the macro structure of the universe.

This means that the intelligence inherent in all beings supports every individual structure in the natural world, at the same time, it penetrates all beings and supports also the overall value of the universe.

Everything in the natural world(the whole universe)is manifestation of the intelligence of nature(the universe).
In addition, there is a proper placement in the natural world, that is, the universe.
Everything has proper placement, proportion and dimensions according to its function in the natural world.

When you look at the human body as the manifestation of intelligence of the natural world, you must know the skeleton, muscle and internal organs are functionally and structurally in proper placement, and each shape and size are precisely proportioned.
However, even a little disorder causes imbalance, which eventually becomes diseases, and leads to problems.

As a result of this, there is proper placement in the natural world, and you can understand that the principles of VAASTU are to connect the architecture of the buildings and cities created by humans with the structure of the universe.

Natural providence is disturbed by any disordered artificial things in improper placement.

You should utilize the knowledge of VAASTU lively restoring Natural Law to be in balance with the natural world in environmental design, such as the buildings and cities created by humans.

For example, one aspect of the natural world is the five great elements*2.
All beings in the universe are composed of the five great elements[Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth].
Therefore, the balance with the natural world also means to balance the five great elements.

In the principles of VAASTU, when you combine elements such as floor plans and openings on the basis of the orientation in the square or rectangular shaped buildings, the perfect balance of the five great elements is made suitable for each environment and the energy interacts with one another.

VAASTU has functioning to disallow the penetration of any negative influence from inside and outside.

The Meissner effect is a phenomenon in quantum physics and a fundamental property of superconductors. When a magnetic field is applied to a superconductor, the magnetic flux cannot penetrate inside of the superconductor.
In this way, there is a principle in physics that coherent collective functioning expels disturbing influences in the natural world.

Thus, VAASTU corresponds to this principle and all buildings and cities designed according to true knowledge resist the penetration of negative influences from the outside.
It is said that any negative situations do not arise from inside or outside.

The great principles of VAASTU are to maximize the blessings of nature by harmonizing man-made designs with the structure and function of the universe in accordance with Natural Law.

Above all, VAASTU is a very attractive technology for busy modern people, which maximizes the support of nature only by living in the environment such as homes, offices and cities based on the principle in daily life.

A balanced environment that harmonizes with Natural Law and enjoys the blessings will always support all aspects of your daily activities and bring health, happiness and success to you.

Design based on VAASTU(VASTU)

On the earth, you gain the most benefit from Natural Law of the solar system which the planets orbit around the sun.

The Sun(Surya), the Moon(Chandra), Mars(Mangal), Mercury(Budha), Jupiter(Guru), Venus(Shukra) and Saturn(Shani), these seven planets(Grahas)of the solar system are considered to be one constituent unit as Natural Law influencing the earth.

In Jyotish, the ancient Indian astrology which is a branch of Veda, it is known to take into consideration the influence of 12 constellations, and 9 planets including the two points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon known as Rahu and Ketu.

The sun, the center of the solar system, is the source of all life energy and natural circulation system on the earth.
The solar energy is abundant, and it is said that the amount of solar energy reaching the surface of the earth for one hour is larger than the amount of energy consumed by the world in a year.

The sun generates different qualities of energy on its path from east to west.
In the design based on VAASTU, first of all considering the blessing of the sun, all the environment should be according to the movement of the sun.

In creating environment and life, the orientation to the east, the direction of the rising sun is recommended, so that you can capture the morning sun.
They say various research institutions have established enhancement of life energy in the morning sun and in the environment facing east.

As for proper placement of rooms, buildings should be designed so that the different energies of the sun correspond to the specific function and activity in each room.

VAASTU also takes into consideration other influences, such as quality of the land, shape of the land, environmental influences and location of water bodies(rivers and lakes).

Kūkan Healing ’-Designed House

Exterior and entrance

It is recommended that the appearance of a building is simple and beautiful, and a perfect square or rectangle.

It is most important which direction an entrance of a building faces.
The entrance facing due east is the best for receiving the energy of the rising sun. Second best is the entrance facing due north for receiving the positive magnetic energy. 

Entrances that face any direction other than due east or due north allow negative influences such as ill health and imbalances in mind and body.

Wise men(Rishis)insist that southern entrances are inauspicious.
If an entrance faces south, it is necessary to do something at problem solving.
⇒ Please refer VAASTU(VASTU) and ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ described below.

Placement of rooms

As for the floor plans, it is important that the placement of rooms is appropriately aligned with the specific function.
The environment should be designed so that the specific quality of each planet in the solar system functions, and it is necessary to balance yin and yang like the sun and the moon.

In the dining room, the quality of digestive fire(Agni*3)is important. Therefore, it should be placed for improving appetite and digestion, and eating comfortably.

The study should be located where the intellect is most lively, and you absorb knowledge and concentrate.
Budha(Mercury)represents intellect, discrimination and writing, and Guru(Jupiter)means knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, the study should be designed with the natures of these planets.

The living room(entertainment room)should be located in a place suitable for hobbies and social life. You rest during activities, enhance the quality of each individual, and fulfill your life there.

Shukra(Venus)represents pleasures, desire, music and harmony. Therefore, the living room should be designed with this comfortable nature.
The nature of Lakshmi*4 which manifests Natural Law of prosperity is also important.

The bedroom should be located where you can rest both physically and mentally.
Chandra(the Moon)represents mind, comfort and gentleness. Therefore, the bedroom should be designed with the nature suitable for rest.

The toilet should be located where encourages healthy elimination.

The bathroom should be located where reduces fatigue during the day and restores mental and physical balance.
Balancing life energy(dosha*5)helps maintain health.
Common cold symptoms are caused by disorder of Vata*5.
In activities, Vata is the most easily imbalanced dosha. In order to balance Vata, it is important to bathe for restoring mental and physical balance.

Even storage space such as a closet or a storeroom which occupies part of a room should be located where is suitable for organization.
It is through the right placement that support of Natural Law in organization promotes the right action.

A house with the right placement of each room leads to create entire towns and cities.
Individual and whole create a totality.

Kūkan Healing ’-Designed House
Architectural and Interior Design THE SIDHI ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN GROUP® From 1999

Effectiveness of sunlight

Modern research reveals that creating environment and life facing east to capture the morning sun is physiologically reasonable.

Let us give you some examples.
The report of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare explains the importance of taking the morning sun.

In recent years, as the trend of a 24-hour society spreads, the sleep environment for people has changed significantly. However, biologically humans are active during the day and sleep during the night.

When you wake up, you get sunlight. Then you reset your body clock.
If you rise early, you would also go to bed early. In the morning, moderate sunlight exposure leads to getting comfortable sleep at night.

There is a body clock in the human brain that controls biological rhythm which is a roughly 25-hour cycle, different from the 24-hour cycle of the earth's rotation.
Therefore, it is necessary to reset the body clock by light of the morning sun and set a rhythm for the day.

In addition, the signals from the body clock control the secretion of the hormone melatonin. You will feel sleepy at night when melatonin is secreted 14 to 16 hours after awakening.

It is said that the best sleeping time is from 10pm to 2am. During the hours, you will get a good deep sleep, and much growth hormone is secreted, which are important for fatigue recovery and brain activity.

The latest research in neuroscience has shown the nerve cells of the brain fire differently when facing different directions.
When one is facing east, the brain physiology functions differently than facing other directions.
This tendency of the brain to function with reference to direction follows the same laws of VAASTU(VASTU).

Furthermore, moderate sun exposure is essential for good health.
Vitamin D made in the skin from exposure to ultraviolet rays builds strong bones and prevents all diseases.
Although excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun is considered to be harmful to the human body, ultraviolet exposure is less damaging in the morning light.

From ancient times, people have been fully enjoying the blessings of nature sourced mainly from the sun.
These traces are found in sun worship and many ancient ruins, and their wisdom has been handed down to the present day.

The adoration of the shining sun and stars became a religion, many cosmic myths were created, and horoscopes appeared in ancient times.
You could see the evidence of sun worship and astronomical observations in many ancient civilizations.

In order to receive the blessings of nature, astronomical knowledge was accurately systematized to capture the temporal variations in natural phenomena, and then an accurate calendar was developed.
Some people designed houses, built dining rooms, and improved observation facilities using astronomical knowledge.

In many civilizations, such as the pyramid used as the Mayan calendar and the Intihuatana at Machu Picchu of the Inca Empire, the people built these ruins to mark the spot of the winter solstice and the summer solstice on the horizon as solar observation facilities. Their openings capture the morning sun.
Like Stonehenge in England, there are ruins where the stones are aligned to the solstice.

In modern times, Surya Namaskar*6(Sun Salutation)asanas(yoga poses)are known to practice facing the rising sun when you awaken in the morning.

It seems that the tradition of worshipping the rising sun on a high mountain is originated in sun worship which purifies yourself by receiving the divine sunlight at dawn.

In fact, you feel refreshed and energized when you face east and receive sunlight in the early morning.

Ancient people seemed to find a way to enjoy the blessings of Natural Law intuitively based on pure intelligence inherent in them.

Sun Salutation/illustration

VAASTU(VASTU) and Energy Saving Life

When all the environments including you are activated by VAASTU, your consciousness naturally harmonizes with Natural Law(the intelligence of the universe), and your thought and action also work to support Natural Law.

Since the self goes beyond the frame and leads to an orderly whole, individuals will work as part of the whole, governed by Natural Law.

The global environmental problem results from natural circulation system destroyed by human activities in wrong thinking.

Natural circulation system is Natural Law itself.

The excesses of human ego are now increasing the burden on the environment.
The self-purification function on the earth, natural circulation system is being destroyed to an unrecoverable state, and the environment surrounding you is screaming.

If your consciousness works to support natural circulation system by VAASTU, you will correct wrong thinking naturally and achieve sustainable environmental restoration.

The natural world is the most efficient organizer.
Moreover, there is no waste and energy saving features in the natural world.

In the natural world, it is said that there is the principle of leverage which yields maximum results with minimum effort according to pure knowledge, Veda.
VAASTU, environmental Veda, is also based on this principle.
By following the intellect through Natural Law, you can receive benefits without effort.

For example, as described in Design based on VAASTU, since right placement of rooms generates differing qualities of energy corresponding to the specific function, it is thought that you get maximum results with minimum effort.

In the dining room, since Agni works well, the appetite increases, and you can digest your meals efficiently. Furthermore, it gives vitality to the body.

In the study, since intelligence works well, you can concentrate and gain knowledge in a short time. Then it saves you the effort.

In the living room, since you can relax and have good communication, the family harmony is maintained without effort.

In the bedroom, since you can get enough sleep, you can use your time effectively without being sleepy during activity time.

In the toilet, since healthy elimination is facilitated, you can maintain proper physiological function without effort.

In the bathroom, the balance of mind and body is restored, and you can get rid of fatigue effectively.

In the floor plans based on VAASTU, Natural Law provides functional support to your entire life naturally, such as eating, study, work, rest, sleeping and eliminating, so that it works to create vitality in your life.

Living in accord with Natural Law in this way leads to energy saving.

Life in accord with Natural Law is comfortable, efficient, earth-friendly and realizable, which is able to yield maximum results with minimum effort.

By applying VAASTU, when your consciousness changes, your lifestyle also changes. Therefore, you can achieve a sustainable environment that coexists with nature(the universe).

From this, you could see that your consciousness creates your environment.

The importance of the environment

HIMALAYAHOUSE® understands that the environment in which we exist is involved in the success of our consciousness and action.

In the environment in harmony with Natural Law, nature supports us, and we can always gain the support of Natural Law for health, happiness and success.

Originally, the ideal form of society is that the environment and all living things in the environment coexist with nature, which is happy and harmonious.

The ideal form or the true nature is the ideal and orderly blueprint of the universe, which is also the lively state of Natural Law.

However, today the original and ideal form(purity)is collapsing in all areas.

HIMALAYAHOUSE understands that the major reason for the collapse lies in inappropriate VAASTU(VASTU).

Vedic wisdom has been lost from the environment creation such as buildings and town creation on the earth, and various artificial materials have been designed and created based on wrong knowledge.

In towns, streets run in all directions and placement of buildings is confusing. The exact direction of north, south, east and west which is required for proper VAASTU placement is lost.

In VAASTU, proper orientation means the entrance faces either due east or due north. On the other hand, many people are living in their houses that have entrances facing south in Japan.
In building design, there is a tendency to place importance on south facing because of plenty of sunshine.

Wise men(Rishis)say that buildings built with wrong knowledge obstruct the flow of good energy and have negative effects on not only the people living in the buildings, but also the entire surrounding environment.

By continuing to violate Natural Law, negative effects increase and spread widely over the years, causing constant confusion of Natural Law.

Moreover, the deterioration of the living environment by confusion of Natural Law is not only prevention of consciousness raising but also a factor in lowering the level of consciousness.

Thus, it is thought that the intelligence and intellect of human beings who mainly act in the earth’s environment are increasingly declining.

The inappropriate placement of the environment disrupts the human body and physiology which are the manifestations of laws of the universe.
People will lose their health and fall ill. Furthermore, they may be controlled by wrong thinking.

Based on wrong thinking, pursuing self-interest and making false self-preservation without thinking about the environment damage the living area(environment)and lead to destroying the order of the environment for oneself and surroundings.

As a result, companies cause environmental pollution and public disruption, and individuals threaten the surrounding living environment.

In Japan, large-scale pollution of companies caused severe health damage to the residents, such as Minamata disease, Niigata Minamata disease, Yokkaichi asthma and Itai-itai disease.

In recent years, as health problems caused by exposure to electromagnetic waves, and many atopic and allergy symptoms such as sick house syndrome and hay fever appear, environmental measures should be implemented immediately.

In addition, as genetically modified products are being spread all over the world by one company's profit thinking, there is concern about environmental pollution caused by unnatural food chain and destruction of ecosystems and traditional agriculture.

At the individual level, environmental destruction(nuisance)act is rampant.

These are indeed revealing the lowering of the level of collective consciousness and raising the issue of lack of public natures in modern society.

We found out that public natures are related to the acts that we feel disgust with everyday life.

We consider that public natures mean ourselves and our surrounding environment(the whole)live on the basis of order, and produce providential benefit.

In other words, public natures are on the basis of order, but lack of public natures is an act of infringement to the environment, which contradicts Natural Law.

Then, it is required to improve people's manners and consciousness. Therefore, it is desirable to restore pure thought, that is, Natural Law.

Moreover, the mistaken knowledge which is not based on pure thought, creates unfair competition principles and fiction.
Fiction is a virtual image and a vanity, and an empty and fake life is formed.

In fact, if the environment is not healthy, we will walk the wrong path, not Dharma(mission), due to false influence.

For the environment, it is very important to build VAASTU to maintain good order.

However, in the surrounding environment, it is currently difficult to construct buildings based on VAASTU.
Cities, towns, homes and offices designed based on VAASTU are ideal, but building rehabilitation and urban restructuring are not easy.

Therefore, HIMALAYAHOUSE® proposes spiritually and materially prosperous environment creation by ‘ Kūkan Healing ’.
We will be very happy for you to take and use Kūkan Healing ’ in order to build VAASTU.

VAASTU(VASTU) and ‘ Kūkan Healing ’

Kūkan Healing ’ of HIMALAYAHOUSE® is the science originally started in HIMALAYAHOUSE with the aim of reviving the lost wisdom VAASTU.

It was developed aiming at recalling the original pure state of environment and consciousness for the purpose of enlivening Natural Law which was inactive and incomplete.

HIMALAYAHOUSE proposes ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ coordination using Feng shui consulting art, HOMAPANEL®*7 as an example.
By decorating and appreciating HOMAPANEL, the enlivenment of Natural Law is aimed.

5-38-10 Kamiuma, Setagaya Ward, VAASTU Gallery
Yantra ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ Art, HOMAPANEL
HOMAPANEL®︎ Durga® 6
Art theme Aiming to activate the field related to Space(one of the five great elements), Indra and Jupiter.
  Themed around protecting and establishing intellect, intuition, righteousness and knowledge.
Price JPY88,000(consumption tax included)
HOMAPANEL®︎ Mahabharata®
Art theme Karma: Themed around offsetting the bad karma that hinders the evolution, and the bad behavior that has been done in the past.
Price JPY88,000(consumption tax included)

Note: The image is partially processed.

Then, we will inform you about the easiest way of coordination.

Please intuitively select one or more than one HOMAPANEL which moves you.

Even if you are unconscious, in your system there is a program to adjust disordered and inactive areas and elements appropriately in order to live and act in conformity with Natural Law.
Therefore, if the element of Water is inactive, you will select HOMAPANEL to be related to the element of Water.
If the auditory area is inactive, you will select HOMAPANEL to be related to the auditory area.
If the area of marriage is inactive, you will select HOMAPANEL to be related to the area of marriage.

Then, we will be very happy for you to take and use the selected HOMAPANEL.
It is possible to carry around.

The quality of your life energy will be enhanced by being aimed at the support of VAASTU(the pure knowledge and intelligence)for every environment such as cities, offices, schools and homes ~ human physiology and consciousness.

By the way, what is the relationship between environmental activation and consciousness activation?

When environmental activation is aimed by decorating HOMAPANEL, it is thought that improvement of the quality of the environment enhances the consciousness of the people who live in the environment.
Because people depend on the environment.
In other words, the environment creates consciousness(people).

When consciousness activation is aimed by appreciating HOMAPANEL, it is thought that improvement of the quality of consciousness creates better environment.
Because the environment depends on people.
In other words, consciousness(people)creates the environment.

As the environment and consciousness have mutually influenced and supported each other in this way, we have come to understand that the environment and consciousness are one.
In valuing this mutual relationship, HIMALAYAHOUSE proposes spiritually and materially prosperous and beautiful environment creation through ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ coordination, which leads to the next generation.

Meanwhile, according to Vedic scripture,
this world is created by four ideas(aspects)as the play of the Creator from the one and only eternal absolute. 

The four ideas ― the Word, Time, Space, and the Atom(subtle particle) ― are taught that each of them is the manifestation of different aspects of one idea from the one and only absolute.

Ultimately, all will be united.

Impressions ~ to beauty, and spiritual and material prosperity

About the mistaken knowledge which was the factor that disrupted the original and ideal form(purity), the correction period began from around 2000, and we feel every day that natural providence has been restored.

In the process leading to the restoration, reaction in the natural world increases, and many natural disasters such as climate change and earthquakes are occurring.

We listen to the warnings of the natural world and examine the wrong human activities, and our efforts on a global scale have begun to coexist with the natural world.
It seems that people's consciousness has improved a little, accompanied by the revival of true knowledge.

The signs of the revival of VAASTU(VASTU) are also regarded as one of the manifestations.

We will enjoy the support of nature and be filled with prosperity by VAASTU.
If we are supported by Natural Law, pure thought is given to us, our consciousness is raised, and our evolution is promoted.
From the strength of spreading harmony to the surroundings, the action will bear fruit and bring success.

In the environment established by VAASTU, we strongly believe that we will fulfill Dharma(mission)in accordance with pure thought based on health, happiness and success.

Dharma is our own role and mission to contribute purely to society.
It is the right way in the order of the natural world.

When we try to follow Dharma, our purity will feel that Natural Law smiles and the environment supports us.

Then, the support of nature will make good use of us, and the good circulation that we also support nature will spread. Furthermore, beauty and prosperity will expand internationally.

It is our duty in the present time to build VAASTU to restore a healthy environment and trust a bright future to the next generation.

HIMALAYAHOUSE® aims to create a beautiful and spiritually and materially prosperous environment in accordance with Natural Law, and supports VAASTU.

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