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Environmental design
HIMALAYAHOUSE VAASTU interior design and coordination/Lilliput Lane

Here is the list of articles on Kūkan Healing ’ ― environment creation of HIMALAYAHOUSE® which is aiming at creation of public natures by improvement & enhancement of life energy and expansion of consciousness.

We are introducing HIMALAYAHOUSE Brand, VAASTU(VASTU)which is the knowledge about consciousness and environment from the particular perspective of HIMALAYAHOUSE. We hope you are interested in the world of ‘ Kūkan Healing ’.

Some articles are specialized a little. However, please take a look.

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Brand story ― the very first story of HIMALAYAHOUSE® ―

Activity of HIMALAYAHOUSE® ―  ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ & Ω® ―

HOMAPANEL® ― Art and CG therapy Ω aiming to achieve VAASTU® ―

Kūkan Healing ’ design and coordination ― Please use the one and only VAASTU design ―

Environment ― Let's understand the environment by the Vedic knowledge ―
VAASTU ― Indian Feng shui ―

VAASTU(Indian Feng shui)2 ― Creating Homes 1 Intuition ―

VAASTU(Indian Feng shui)2 ― Creating Homes 2 Power Spot・Bringing and Receiving ―

Public natures and Environment creation ― HIMALAYAHOUSE® ―
Nié(Scapegoat) ― Misfortune caused by curses ―