HIMALAYAHOUSE was faced with the true nature of misfortune and trouble called curses or spells that could be hindrances, while working toward the environment creation to nurture the spiritual and material prosperity and the soundness.

As everyone knows, Marriage spells, Break-up spells, “Pain, pain, go away!”, Bringing derived from Hina Festival*1, Hundred times worship and Straw dolls are curses. We understand that these are only a small fraction.

The wide variety of curses is by no means extraordinary and seems to have remained deeply in the Japanese life since ancient times. In recent years, it has been featured in TV programs and seems to have received different responses.

The curse goes against natural providence and distorts consciousness, environment and also space-time. As a result, we feel that the intellect becomes inactive. It can be said that it is a major obstacle to the growth and fulfillment of consciousness, which is the purpose of life. It will be difficult for us to carry out Dharma*2― what we should be and what we should be doing.

HIMALAYAHOUSE had been exploring the connection between curses and misfortune for over 20 years. At last, a system specialized in the destruction of curses was established and completed. It is Kūkan Healing ’ & Ω®︎ for the improvement of things, which is the coordination of consciousness and environment based on VAASTU, a branch of the philosophy of Veda.

Based on the experience that ‘ Kūkan Healing ’ is the same as the Vedic technique generally called yagya, we provide it with confidence.

VAASTU® Graphics ' Kūkan Healing ' Art, HOMAPANEL®
Kūkan Healing ’ particular consulting
which are specialized in the destruction of curses.
We coordinate them with each condition of consciousness and environment.

Curse Removal can be said to be the true value of HIMALAYAHOUSE, along with《 Kūkan Healing ’ Design 》that designs buildings and interiors.

Please make use of the established technology of VAASTU.

If you have any idea about Curse, please contact us.

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Misfortune caused by curses

Yantra H.Dhanur AM-3.7
Art theme : Without Receiving
This Feng shui interior decor aims to create an environment that does not receive various negativities in daily life, such as curses and spells.


*1 Bringing derived from Hina Festival
The origin of Hina dolls dates back to the Heian Period (794-1185/1192), and it is said that the original standing dolls are three-dimensional models of Hitogata(human shape)to ward off bad luck and are set afloat on the water. Then, the custom of Nagashi-bina(sending Hina dolls floating down the river)was born. In this custom, children’s impurities and bad luck are transferred (brought) to Hina dolls.
Over time, Hina dolls became gorgeous and luxurious. Therefore, people began to ward off (bring) bad luck by displaying instead of throwing them into the river.

*2 Dharma
Dharma means pure roles and mission to fulfill, given to individuals or groups by nature.
By fulfilling Dharma, a happy environment is created for individuals and society as a whole, and you will lead to true winners.