Nié(Scapegoat) ― Misfortune caused by curses ―

Environmental design
We have various types of yantras aiming to protect against and remove curses and spells.

HIMALAYAHOUSE® often receives inquiries to appear to be the concentration of negativity in a particular individual or a group while interacting with customers.
Gradually, it became clear that they had something in common.
We also intuitively understand that there are spells and curses at the root of misfortune and discord in the world.
Therefore, we found Nié in the process of improving by VAASTU(VASTU)which especially deals with the environment in the knowledge of Veda*1.

In this article, we would like to approach the nature of misfortune that can be said to be unreasonable, using the word Nié as a keyword, which is a system that concentrates negativity on a particular individual or a group.
We dare to mention curses as part of the creation of a comfortable environment which HIMALAYAHOUSE aims for.
We would appreciate it if you could think together about how to be happy.

We do hope that you would read to the end.

What is Nié?

It is likely that there are many people who are not familiar with the word Nié. In general, Nié is used in the meaning of a generic term for food offered to a deity, and its system.
Please think of it as the custom of offering food and oblations to God and nature that has been around in Japan since ancient times.
There is a similar word Ikénié which means giving a living creature as an offering to God.

In this article, we use the word Nié because the offerings and food dedicated to God strictly mean human beings. Therefore, we hope you understand that Nié means Ikénié.

Curse business

Exposing the shocking reality of Curse Agents was featured in a TV program in 2014(It was broadcast at prime time, not at midnight).
The contents are that people who have a main job related to God or Buddha become Curse Agents and receive rewards by cursing instead of clients. They receive online orders, and the price is determined by the level of the caster and the type of curse.

The existence of the Curse Agents confirms that culture of spells and curses still remains deeply in Japan.
There also seems to be a view that the queen of Yamatai-koku(Yamatai Kingdom)used spells to plan for prosperity of the country in ancient times. Even in modern times, the commonly known Straw dolls, Hundred times worship and Table-turning are part of simple curses.
Moreover, the movie “Onmyoji”(Master of Yin-Yang)which became a hot topic in the early 2000s shows that Abe no Seimei and companions who served the powers that be, specialized in various spells and curses and shaped the times by that technique.

As these examples show, the culture of curses seems to be surprisingly close to the lifestyle in Japan.

What is the phenomenon of Nié?

There are many inquiries that Nothing seems to work among the comments that HIMALAYAHOUSE has received from customers.

We will give you some good examples.
Imagine a family where parents, brothers and sisters graduated from a famous university and are doctors or bureaucrats.
Only one member can actually become a social recluse in the elite family who looks like perfection.
Moreover, in adult society, though someone who works at a large company displays the outstanding talent among their colleague, they are unfortunate. In society of children, though it looks like a fun class at first glance, someone is a subject of bullying and has a lot of stress. In consequence, the class gets excited. We have heard stories and news like this.
Furthermore, it seems that the range of damage extends not only to a particular individual but also a group, such as misfortune happens only to a certain family of distinguished ancestry.

In addition to these cases, it seems to make others prosperous at the sacrifice of the smallest(one)unit in a group or organization, such as falling ill, accident, incident and disaster. As we observed these phenomena, we understood that a system called Nié consistently exists as a common term.

Then why does the phenomenon of Nié happen?

HIMALAYAHOUSE considers Nié to be of two major types, innate and acquired, and we would like to give a general understanding of each.

First, to explain innate Nié, we would like to introduce Jyotish*2, a branch of the ancient pure knowledge Veda.
Jyotish is deeply involved in Vedic mathematics which is Indian arithmetic(think of Indian mathematics, a technique that allows quick mental arithmetic)and is said to be knowledge that can foresee the future.
Starting from the wisdom of ancient India, the fortune-telling of the West and the East has spread throughout the world from that flow and is also related to palm reading and face reading.
By foreseeing the future, it is possible to calculate the period of concentration of negativity such as the so-called Tenchusatsu not only for individuals but also for groups.

For example, of course, there are ups and downs in the environmental rhythm of the power that be and their groups.
Think of it as fatal ups and downs.
Obviously, in times of trouble, negativity and bad luck tend to continue in a wide range, and in some cases even the demise of a clan(group or organization)can be foreseen.
The existence of improper tactics developed as a way to avoid them ― we could recognize the techniques that ultimately bring(rub)various elements during the period of disorder.
That is Nié.
For example, by foreseeing the future, they plan to concentrate negativity and bad luck of the clan on one woman to marry into the clan in later generations… It is very scary and hard to believe.

In this way, innate Nié is an evasion technique which the negativity and bad luck predicted in the past are brought to other environments(individuals and groups)at various stages of reincarnation. It can be paraphrased as inborn curses due to another(past)life planned to manifest in this life.

Very unfortunately, in spite of the fact that the true Jyotish is pure and perfect knowledge, it is thought that something like a spell or curse has been created in the process of its transmission and propagation.

In contrast, the kind due to this life that was introduced in the program of exposing the shocking reality of Curse Agents is called acquired Nié.

In stressful modern society, acquired Nié can be caused by not only a technique but also negative thoughts by many people(group mind)such as "I want to let off steam by bullying a guy I don’t like".
The thoughts of the group become thought bodies, and eventually become what can be called environmental wraith.

In addition, even if it is thought, creating Nié is a serious infringement of the true environment(pure place = VAASTU).

For your information, turning point is one of the conditions where Nié tends to occur.
For example, entering kindergarten, school or company, moving, company transfer, school transfer, marriage and so on.
It's the time that individuals or groups start an activity in a new place, whether innate or acquired, as it were, the turn of the environmental rhythm.
Sadly, at the current level of human consciousness, we need scapegoats to suffer misfortune in each environment and group.

HIMALAYAHOUSE understands that both Nié are merely negativity created by human ego and our state is far from the true nature of humans, public natures ― being with pure providence(order).

Nié and Bringing in daily life

So far, we have talked about the ultimate Bringing(rubbing)technique Nié, but there is also the more general Bringing.
For example, a spell such as "Pain, pain, go away!" is a simple curse and one of Bringing.

In fact, speaking of a spell, there is a following story.
In a closed town, a man worried that things were not going well and there was a lot of anxiety and fear.
When his mother heard that, she quickly mumbled something. When asked what she had chanted, she told him that it was a spell that has been passed down in the family for generations to be used to improve things.

It was the moment we saw the scene of using the Bringing technique.
Because it is not visualizable, it can only be intuitively grasped. However, we came to understand that it was one of the Bringing techniques to create Nié in later analysis.
We wonder if the mother knew that the spell has been taken part in Nié.
A while later, we provided advice for a woman who married into the family on a case having an image of Nié.


Nié and Bringing lead to a chain reaction. When people are brought other people’s Nié, they try to find a next person they bring Nié even if they are unconscious.
It may be easier to understand if you imagine the chain of bullying.

There is no end to the number of scapegoats who are suffering from unfortunate things that they really should not suffer by these repetitions of Nié chain.
At the same time, the act of searching for the next scapegoat from the scapegoat's desire to be free from misfortune is a bad karma*3 that cannot be escaped from finally returning to oneself.

Endeavoring to break the Nié chain is an act that is appropriate for the creation of public natures by principle ― good karma(virtue).

HIMALAYAHOUSE is developing many kinds of technologies with the goal of eliminating Nié, Bringing and curses by Kūkan Healing ’ VAASTU(environmental yoga).

Please contact us if something comes to mind about this article.
We can also offer and provide environment creation consulting using knowledge of VAASTU ― Ω® consulting and advice.
Please understand that the fee may be high depending on the content.

"I am unfortunate ..."
For those who have such thoughts, we hope that this article will be a good starting point for creating a better environment and a better life.